Tummy Trouble No More: Top Shapewear Picks for Flattering Tummy Control

Tummy trouble is the most common fitness issue that we are all fed up of. But, there is nothing that Feelingirl’s shaping bodysuit can’t fix. There are many options, giving you different types of shapewear for your waist area. 

So, it’s time to stop worrying about a bulging tummy and loose muscles around the abdomen. Look smarter, curvier, and thinner with the right tummy control body shapers from Feelingirl. 

1. Target your Waist 
You don’t have to be dressed in shapewear from top to toe. Just go for the targeted area – your waist. Feelingirl offer various pieces, like tummy-targetting bodysuits, waist cinchers, and high-waist briefs. You can select any one of these shapewear that gives you the most comfort. 

Plus, the waist shaping effect will be more effective and prominent if you wear your shapewear for the targeted area. A thinner waist will be highlighted and your overall figure will look slimmer.

2. Wear Supportive Bodysuits 
A bodysuit from Feelingirl gives your bulging tummy good support. These are one-piece shapewear that feel light on your body but keep your muscles tight. The support is not just for the waist, but also for your chest area. So, you get an overall shape boost and slimming. You manage to get a smooth look when you put on any outfit over your bodysuit.

3. Go for High-Waist Bottoms 
Some styling tricks with your shapewear can really help you get a flat tummy within minutes. One of these tricks is to put on high-waist bottoms with your shaping bodysuits. It could be a lace full bodysuit or a plain one. The idea is to just add another piece of shaper that gives you a better slimming and flattening effect. 

In addition, these bottoms also feel more comfortable. If you have the perfect size and fitting, these bottoms stay on your tummy and you don’t have to make adjustments every now and then.

4. Try Waist-Control Briefs 
If you have high-waist briefs, you can wear these to put your tummy in control before you put on a dress or your pants. These briefs give you a flattening and smoothing effect so that your dress can look perfect. Plus, briefs are easy to wear as compared to some other types of shapewear, like waist cinchers or tight bodysuits. Briefs are lighter and more convenient.

5. Opt for Dark Color Shapewear 
Dark colors have a better slimming effect as compared to lighter tones. So, pick shapewear that’s black, navy, or dark brown. It’s easier to get a smooth look with these shades. So, your seamless bodysuit shorts will have more effect on your tummy area if you go for dark shades.

Final Thoughts An out-of-shape tummy worries everyone. But Feelingirl has the solution in the form of different types of tummy controlling shapewear. These are bodysuits, high-waist briefs, waist cinchers, and more. Go for the right size, pick dark shades, and style in a way that adds to the slimming effect.

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